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Dreamwater is an American owned company, with our flagship Float Center currently situated in Taipei, Taiwan. We are also expanding into other regional markets, with more floatation centers opening in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Singapore, with keen interest from other parts of the world. Though we are concentrating mostly on the Asian markets, our tanks are built to work in any Country.

A float centre is a very viable way of getting greater returns to your investment.

It is easily established, after the initial investments for a retail location, renovations and tanks. The float center requires basic management and maintenance to be in successful operation.

As the float center holds no stock for sale, nor labour intensive, the operation cost of running a float centre is largely minimized.

It is also easily expandable. Once you have established a steady customer-base, you can simply add tanks to cope with the increase in demand.

You can join the Dreamwater brand as a brand partner for the opening of your very own float centre!

Unlike opening a floatation center on your own, where one has to face a steep learning curve in the managing and the operation of the center. By taking up our offer in using Dreamwater’s brand,

you will greatly benefit from the recognition and trust associated with Dreamwater.

You can tap into Dreamwater’s experience in running a successful float center, as well as gain access to pricey publicity and marketing materials, providing your new float center a smooth start from the beginning.

By taking on the Dreamwater brand, you will become our partner in developing the floatation industry worldwide. You will be on our priority list for any new upgrades, publicity materials as well as technical support.

This will ensure you get the most updated information to keep your floatation business in the most competitive form!

The Dreampod is one of the best floatation tanks available in the market. Built by a team of avid floaters for the best floating experience, you can be well-assured that the tank will perform exceeding expectations, while providing new floaters the most unbelievable first experience of their lives!